First-aid outfit for cars

First-aid outfit for cars - by order № 187 from July, 07 1998, № 270 from September, 07 1998 and DSTU 3961-2000 of Ministry of Health of Ukraine registered by Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Certified by Medicines Quality Control Department, Sanitary Administration of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Center of Standartization and Certification of Ukraine.
Perfect for keeping medicines used for the first aid in the accidents.
Main supply set includes styptic tourniquet, sterile bandage, styptic paper, wound textile, court plaster, bactericidal plaster, cravat bandage, iodine, nitroglycerin, pair of scissors, pair of gloves, albucid, clasp-pin, instruction, case, butorphanol tartrat 0,2% - 1ml and syrette.