Foam Concentrate TEAS used for fire fighting with the usage of sea (fresh) water at the board of sea vessels, ships and other objects of inland water transport and navy. Used for obtaining medium and low expansion foam suitable for extinguishing class A and B fires. Except of polar solvent.
Quality of products satisfies the requirements of TU 2481-005-45811049-01 Standard with the changes 1.

/ Parameter TU standard
1 Clear liquid without a sediment
2 PH limit 7.5 + 10.0
3 Congelation point (crystallization) , not more than -6
4 Foam expansion:
- low, not more than
- average, no less than
- high, no less than

5 Medium expansion foam stability, s, not less then
- 50% of foam volume from 200 dm3 of substance
- 50% of liquid volume from foam

6 Drainage time, not more than, 300
7 Kinematic viscosity at 200, not more than 40
8 Concentration of foam solution 2% , s, not more than 9
9 Fire-fighting time, sec., not more 300

Extinguishing powder P-2PM(- 40 according to European classification) used for fighting class A fires (solid substances), class B fires (inflammable liquids), class C fires (inflammable gas) and at electrical installations of less than 10000 Volts if using fire extinguishers, and less than 20kV if using automatic fire fighting installations.

Parameter P-2PM (-40)
Major constituent NH4H2PO4-40%
Bulk density 910
Operating temperature span - 50 - + 60
Fire rating (according to GOST 27331-87) , ,
Results of tests of extinguishing capacity
Class , kg/sq.m 0.36
Class , kg/sq.m 0.78