Other fire-fighting equipment

Fire hydrant KP - is designed to open (close) pit hydrant and to connect fire hoses to ensure water intake from water-supply lines for fire-fighting purposes.

Parameter Standard
Working pressure, MPa (kgf/sq.m) 1,0 (10)
Nominal bore connection, mm:
outlet 125
inlet 80
Number of outlet connections, pc 2
Pressure loss coefficient, not more than 10
Overall dimensions, mm, not more than:
Length 1080
Width (according to a body of the hydrant) 430
Height 190
Weight, kg, not more than 15

Underground Fire Hydrant - installed in water supply network to insure water intake with the help of fire hydrant. Main supply set of fire hydrant are lid, box, valve, union nipple, spindle, ring, rod and saddle.

Parameter Unit Value
Working pressure MPa 1 (10)
Inner diameter mm 125
Valve stroke mm 30
Valve backlash at the opened hydrant, not more than mm 0,4
Height of valve mm 500-3500 with an interval of 250
Rotary speed Revolution per min 15
Hydraulic resistance in the hydrant at the height of 1000mm, not more than C2M-5 1,2*103
Weight at the height of 1000mm kg 95

Breathing apparatus -2 designed for protection of human respiratory apparatus in nonbreathable atmosphere and also during the work under the water at a depth of 20 meters. -2 Apparatus is a air-compressed device with a opened respiratory scheme. Apparatus supplied with two compressed air cylinders that are connected in one reservoir with the help of collector, locking valve, waterproof pressure gauge and respiratory device with air-supplied hose and safety mask

Quantity of cylinders in the apparatus 2, each 4 l
Cylinder working pressure, Mpa (kg/sm2) 20 (200)
Resistance, Pa
- inhalation 300
- exhalation 500
Pressure of valve operation, Mpa 3-4
Protective action of the apparatus at least, min 60
Overall dimensions in the package, mm 650*295*150
Mass of equipped apparatus, kg 15,5

Froth generator of the middle category used for producing air-mechanical foam from the foam concentrator. Installed at the fire vehicles.

Three-way hose branch designed for separation of the flow of supplied water and also for regulation of water quantity.